The transmission link is intended for antenna remoting in cellular radio networks, distributed radio telescopes, multi-position radars. It can be used as a universal instrument for high-fidelity transmission of radio signals over long distances with low losses and as an alternative of legacy coaxial cable systems.

Frequency range 50...6000 MHz

TRX-6000 consists of an optical transmitter, an optical receiver and a fiber optic cable (optional) with a single-mode optical fiber. The transmitter and receiver have two channels, which allows simultaneous and independent transmission of two radio signals using optical spectral multiplexing (CWDM) technology.

The transmission line has two variants:
— LN: equipped with an LNA at the optical transmitter’s input to provide low noise figure;
— HL: equipped with an LNA at the optical receiver’s output for better linearity.
The receiver and transmitter are made in a dust- and moisture-proof housing, designed for use in harsh environment. TRX-6000 has a built-in automatic control and diagnostic system that ensures optimal operating modes and monitoring of the operability of all components. The transmission line does not require adjustment and setup, and is ready for turn key operation.

  • Radio communication equipment
  • Distributed antenna systems
  • Synchronization links
  • Legacy coaxial lines replacement
  • Measurement equipment
Special Features
  • Uniform frequency response in the operating frequency range
  • Independent simultaneous transmission of two RF signals over a single optical fiber Operation in a perspective 5G NR FR1 band
  • Compact dimensions for universal placement
  • Digital monitoring and control
  • Designed for harsh environment
Technical specifications
Frequency range 50...6000 MHz
Transmission gain min. 0 dB
Noise figure
   option LN
   option HL

max. 10 dB
max. 33 dB
Input RF power
   option LN
   option HL

max. −10 dBm
max. 15 dBm
Power supply voltage 15...30 V

SMA Female
Switchcraft EN3P6MX
Fiber cable Field-grade, reinforced with aramid yarn, on a coil
Module dimensions 200 × 100 × 50 mm