The device is developed for protection of stationary and moving objects against high-accuracy weapons equipped with GPS-aiming and guiding system and against topographical referencing of objects by GPS coordinates.

Frequency ranges L1,  L2,  L3,  L5
Channel output power 7 W

The device provides reliable jamming of navigation signals receivers NAVSTAR, GLONASS and BEIDOU, which use codes C/A, P(Y) and M. In doing this the jamming signal is synthesized in such a way that it is accepted as simulation of the real signal from the satellite by receiving path of GPS-receiver regardless the type of the applied code: whether it is C/A, P(Y) or M and the synchronization algorithm, and regardless the application of phased antenna array in the receiver.

The device can be placed either on transportation platform (vehicle, helicopter, UAV and others) or on fixed facility. The power is supplied either from vehicle onboard network or from mains 220(240)/50(60) via adaptor. The operator can control the device by wire remote controller.

The built-in digital diagnostics system has alarm about any malfunction.

The device does not require any tuning and adjustment and is ready for operation after power is switched on.

Special features
  • simulation jamming signal
  • versatile installation (helicopter, airplane, UAV, automotive vehicle, stationary)
  • easy to operate
  • built-in digital diagnostics system
  • constructional execution is in compliance with military standards
Technical specifications
Frequency ranges L1,  L2,  L3,  L5
Channel output power 7 W
Forming of jamming signal digital
Operational time unlimited
Vehicle power supply 12 / 24 / 27  V
Mains power supply 220 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Operational temperature range −40...+60  °С
Dimensions 527 × 290 × 85 mm
Mass 12 kg

Mass and dimensions are specified without antenna-feeder device.