The device is developed for protection of VIPs, convoys and high-security objects against threats of possible terroristic acts when explosive devices with radio controlled fuses may be used for it.

The device also can be used for jamming cellular, trunked radio and other types of communication links on big squares, stadiums, transportation terminals, counter measures against UAVs (jamming their control lines) and so on.

Frequency range 20…3000 (option up to 6000) MHz
Principle of operation

The device is built on new principle with application of ultra wideband processing in optical range of all modulated signals in any format in the air. It allows to skip scanning at frequency operating range wider than 7 octaves and accordingly it seriously decreases the response time of jamming against terrorist radio signals for bomb blasting. During maximum 0.5 microseconds, the special processor analyses all received signals within its operating frequency range and forms jamming signals. Internal structure of jamming signal is similar to the structure of received useful signal in which the specially formed distortions are added.

Such way of forming jamming signal allows the device efficient operation with any number of radio sources and with any modes of radio transmitting such as, for instance, frequency hopping mode.

Specific features
  • spot frequency jamming with high flux spectral density;
  • reactive method of jamming;
  • ultra-shot time for reaction;
  • wideband receiving of signals, not channelized;
  • simultaneous processing of all incoming signals without frequency converting;
  • device can operate in barrage jamming mode;
  • programmable “windows” for communication with friendly radio links;
  • built-in digital diagnostics system with alarm about malfunction;
  • constructional execution is in compliance with military standards;
  • possibility to widen frequency bands up to millimetre range.


Technical specifications
Frequency range 20…3000 (option up to 6000) MHz
Average speed of scanning of operation frequency range in real time
Jammer response time not more than 0,3 μs
Sensitivity of receiving path in bandwidth 20 kHz 120 dB/W
Operational time unlimited
Vehicle power supply 12/24/27 V
Mains power supply 230(240) / 50(60)
Consumed power in jamming mode 650 W
Operational temperature range −40…+60 °С
Dimensions 540 × 320 × 98 mm
Mass 16,3 kg

Sensitivity of receiving path in bandwidth 20kHz is measured with ratio signal/noise 10 dB. Mass and dimensions are specified without antenna-feeder device. Construction is in compliance with standards MIL STD 810G and IP 66.