The jammer is intended for safety of demining squads during operations for search and defusing of radio controlled explosive devices.

The device provides reliable prevention of actuation of detonating fuses, when they can receive coded radio signal for detonation. The jammer can be used with all existing devices applied for searching explosive devices and it does not interfere with their operation. The jammer jams detonating fuses in frequency range 20...2700 MHz and there are no gaps in its spectrum.

Frequency range 20...2700 MHz
Integral output power 50 W

The device is delivered in standard attaché-case “Pelican”, it has built-in rechargeable batteries and built-in automatic charger, it is equipped with self-diagnostics system and sound and visual indication of charge level. The device has 2 removable wideband antennas.

Flatness of amplitude-frequency response does not exceed 3 db.

Special features

  • Portable wideband bomb jammer
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion high capacity battery with charger
  • Built-in digital diagnostics system with alarm about malfunction
  • Long time of autonomous operation
  • Continuous spectrum
  • Only 2 wideband antennas provide jamming along the whole frequency range
Technical specifications
Frequency range 20...2700 MHz
Integral output power 50 W
Power supply built-in battery
Continuous operational time from built-in rechargeable battery not less than 4,0 h
Forming of jamming signal digital (PLL+FPGA)
Dimensions 550 × 420 × 270 mm
Mass 29,5 kg

Integral output power is measured at impedance 50 ohm. The device has All Union State Standard (GOST P and hygienic certificates. The device is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 and IP 55.