Jamming range or bomb (RCIED) jammer effective radius of jamming

Jamming range is the distance between the jammer and the receiving antenna of detonating fuse wherein the receiver is jammed with probability 0,9. The following simplified formula can be used for calculation of jamming radius.

Rj = Dв [ 4√Pj/Pв х ((Fв2 — Fв1)/(Fj— Fj1)) х √ hj/hв ]


Rj — jamming radius;

Dв — the length of radio link for detonation (the distance between the transmitter and the receiver of explosive device);

Pj — output power of jammer;

Pв — output power of transmitter;

Fв1, Fв2 — lower and upper frequencies of transmitter signal;

Fj1, Fj2 — lower and upper frequencies of jammer signal;

hj — the height of jammer antenna above ground level;

hв — the height of transmitter antenna above ground level.

As we can see from this formula the jamming radius is the function of several (nine) values, and only four of them relate directly to the jammer itself being its parameters. Thus the question about the value of the jamming range is not correct.

But at the same time this question becomes very crucial when certain models of bomb (RCIED) jammer must be chosen. There are many methods for evaluating efficient radius of a jammer. The values of Dв, Pв, Fв1, Fв2 and hв are considered as already known in all these methods (although terrorists do not inform police about these values in advance in real live).

Also it must be noticed that aforementioned formula is valid only in such a case when the antennas of transmitter and the jammers are omni-directional with gain equal to one.