The device is intended for protection of stationary objects (airports, railway stations, stadiums, underground railways and others) preventing acts of terrorism with application of explosive materials.

Frequency range 20…2700 MHz
Integral output power 100 W

The principle of bomb jammer’s operation is generation of special radio signals in frequency ranges applied in industrial and improvised radio controlled explosive devices. The bomb jammer provides reliable blocking of radio controlled detonating fuses, when they can be actuated by transmitted coded radio signal.

Modules of generators and antennas can be installed inside or outside the building. The necessary quantity of base modules depends on the architecture and size of the building and the size of protected area around it. The wire remote control centre of the jamming system can be arranged inside the building in any place that is convenient for the operator. The system is powered from mains 220 V 50 Hz AC.

The jammer provides jamming of radio bombs in frequency range 20...2700 MHz and has continuous spectrum.

The jammer has built-in automatic diagnostics system. In case of emergency, sound and visual alarm signal comes to wire remote control centre. Amplifier units will be switched off automatically for their safety in case of any damage to antennas or antenna cables.

Special features
  • stationary wideband bomb jammer
  • external power supply from mains AC 220 V 50 Hz
  • built-in digital diagnostics system with alarm about malfunction
  • continuous spectrum
  • only 2 wideband antennas provide jamming along the whole frequency range
Technical specifications
Frequency range 20…2700 MHz
Integral output power 100 W
Continuous operation time from mains supply unlimited
Forming of jamming signal digital (PLL+FPGA)
Mains power supply 220 V 50 Hz
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 120 mm
Mass not more than 12 kg

Integral output power is measured at impedance 50 ohm. Construction is in compliance with IP 55.