The unit is developed for increasing the operating frequency range of vehicle mounted bomb jammers belonging to “Perseus” family, which have already been supplied, or it can be used as an independent device.

Frequency range 5700...5900 MHz
Integral output power 1 W

The unit generates and emits wideband noise barrage interference and provides reliable jamming (blocking) improvised explosive devices operating in frequency range from 5700 MHz up to 5900 MHz. The device construction is made as one monoblock; the omni-directional rod antenna is located in its radio transparent upper section.

The unit is fixed to the vehicle roof by magnetic base and is powered by cable from main unit or from vehicle onboard network.

It can be controlled by special wire remote controller of main unit or independently from its own wire remote controller.

The built-in automatic diagnostics system controls performability of all nodes and units. In case of emergency sound and visual alarm signal appears on the wire remote controller indicating faulty unit or node. Amplifier units will be switched off automatically for their safety in case of any damage happened to antennas or antenna cables.

Special features
  • increase of bomb jammers “Perseus” performability including already sold models
  • power supply from standard vehicular onboard network
  • easy mounting and dismounting from the vehicle; antenna with magnetic mount
  • built-in digital diagnostics system with alarm about malfunction
  • constructional execution is in compliance with military standards
Technical specifications
Frequency range 5700...5900 MHz
Integral output power 1 W
Continuous operation time from mains supply unlimited
Forming of jamming signal digital (PLL+FPGA)
Vehicle power supply 12 / 24 V
Operational temperature range −40…+60 °С
Dimensions ø100 × 62 mm
Mass not more than 0,7 kg

Integral output power is measured at impedance 50 ohm. Construction is in compliance with MIL STD 810F and IP 65 standards. Mass and dimensions are specified without antenna-feeder device.